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Brewer Drop-ship Integration

Published on December 17th, 2014

websites for quilters and brewer drop-ship integration

We are excited to announce that we have recently teamed up with Brewer to provide Drop-ship Integration for online stores! This is a great way to boost online sales by offering thousands of products from Brewer. Using our shopping cart system, you can set your own prices, featured products, promotions, and more! For your customers to start shopping, it’s as easy as adding a link to your home page. And best of all, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of shipping these products yourself. All of the products will be shipped directly from Brewer’s warehouse automatically.  This program is ideal for sewing and quilting stores that have an online presence but do not currently sell online.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Websites For Quilters designs a shopping cart system that closely matches the design & look of your existing website

  2. Websites For Quilters automatically loads your online store’s products from Brewer’s database nightly.

  3. Link your website to your new Online Store

  4. Promote your online store, and profit without inventory and shipping hassles!

Contact us today to learn more! (800) 941-0645

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Why Blogging is So Important For Your Business

Published on December 9th, 2014

blogging for business

What is blogging?

First of all, you may be wondering, what is a blog? A blog is a page where you can regularly post content to your site. A blog post is a short piece of content that often contains an article, pictures, or any information the author feels is worth sharing. So blogging is the act of creating blog posts. For example, you are currently reading a blog post that was blogged about blogging. (that’s a lot of blog!)

What’s the difference between a blog for my business, and a personal blog?

A lot of people like to create personal blogs as sort of an online journal of what is going on in their life. Business blogs can be a bit different than personal blogs in some ways, although the topics can be similar. Business blogs are used as a marketing platform, just like facebook, twitter, email marketing, etc. The main purpose of a business blog is to support business growth and help you convert traffic in some way.

Why should I have a business blog?

For your website to become an asset to your business, people need to actually see it. Most of your traffic won’t come from people typing in your website’s URL in the address bar. One major way to attract new visitors to your site is through search engines, and the more web pages you have in your website, the more chances you have of ranking in search engines. Blogs are an easy way to accomplish this because each time you create a blog post, a new page is added to your website. And best of all, each of these new pages will show up neatly organized under your blog.

Posting valuable information to your blog also gives someone the opportunity to share your post on social media. When people share your information, it is like they are marketing your site for you and giving you a whole new audience, generating new leads and customers for your business. The more creative you are with your blog posts the more people will want to spread the word for you.

Whatever your business sells, there are so many fun things you can blog about that will help you convert traffic. You can post tutorials or articles on how to do something, post inspiring pictures to give your readers ideas, or share a story about a recent event your business hosted or participated in. Having a blog for your business can be a lot of fun, and beneficial to your business as well!

So what are you waiting for... get blogging!


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Controlling Your Search Engine Results

Published on December 2nd, 2014

There are 3 things that show up on search engine results:

1) Here is the Meta Title of Your Page


3) This is where your meta description goes. It should have about 156 characters including spaces. If you add more than 156 characters, it’ll be truncated by a “...”

1- Title

The first thing that shows up in bold is the title of your page. This also shows up on the browser tab at the very top of the window.

title tab

2- URL

The next thing that shows up on a search engine is the URL to the page. It is good for URL’s to contain keywords that someone might search to find your  page. For example, if you own an ice cream shop and you have a page specifically about strawberry ice cream, you could create a URL that looks like this: That way this page has a chance of showing up when someone searches for the exact keywords ‘strawberry ice cream.’

3- Meta Description

There are several different types of meta tags, one of which is the meta description. Just like the URL, the meta description should include keywords that someone might search to find your site. Make sure you use the same keywords throughout your page content. As with the previous  example, if you decide you want ‘strawberry ice cream’ to be the keyword you focus on for a page, you should make sure ‘strawberry ice cream’ is included in your description, and ideally in the content of your page as well.

What is a meta tag?meta image

A meta tag is a text field that is incorporated in the html code on each page of your Websites for Quilters website. Meta tags include information about the content of the page. Things that are included in a meta tags are not actually displayed on the web page, but they are used by browsers and search engines. Think of it as a way to communicate what the page is about to the search engine.

Writing a Good Meta Description

Meta descriptions are important for SEO for two reasons. 1) they present an opportunity to include more keywords for search engines to find, and 2) they help convince people to click onto your page. The more people who click onto your page from a search engine, the better your ranking could become over time. So basically, a meta description is your one shot to get somebody to click on your page. You only have room for about 150 characters and what you say here could mean a world of difference.

Some tips for writing meta descriptions:

  • Don’t lead people astray by having different information on your meta description than what is actually on the page. For example, it is easy for a visitor to get disappointed when they click on a page that promised ‘50% off all of our products’ only to find that this deal doesn’t exist.

  • Try not to write anything in a meta description that might be outdated, unless you know you will remember to go back and change the description.

  • Always include a call to action. If you want people to look through your online shop write ‘shop today’ or if you want people to call you put ‘call now.’ Use the same type of language you would in any other form of advertising.

  • Don’t write more than 156 characters (including spaces). As mentioned above, if your description is longer than 156 characters it will be cut off.

  • Most importantly, keep your audience in mind. Write information and facts that you know are important to your audience.

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Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Responsive

Published on November 25th, 2014

Mobile design infographic


Australian Quilt Market 2014

Published on November 25th, 2014

photo of stand in australia  

photo of stand

Last week Dan and his wife Emily had the amazing opportunity to travel to Melbourne, Australia to represent Websites For Quilters at the Australian Quilt Market. We had a great time meeting with all of our friends there.

We also enjoyed having the chance to showcase our products and services. Pictured above are some photos of our stand (they don’t call them “booths” down under). Web development options in Australia are limited and expensive, and few developers understand the unique needs of the quilting industry.  Websites For Quilters in Australia helps fill this void by offering high quality service, web development solutions at affordable prices for Australians.  It was also really nice to meet in person many of the people we currently serve.

Australians have a wonderful zest for life and have a healthy work / life balance.  It’s been really nice seeing the beautiful sites around Melbourne too!  Australia is a beautiful country and many friendly people. (Little piece of trivia: Dan’s mum grew up in Melbourne)

It came and went so fast that when it came time to fly back to the United States we were already excited for next year’s quilt market. We hope all of our Australian friends will keep in touch!

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