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Annual Quilter's Shopping Trend Survey - Why we do it.

Published on July 1st, 2014

Each year we conduct a shopping trends survey for the quilting industry. According to the Quilting in America Survey found on the VDTA's website, the quilting industry is worth approximately 3.6 BILLION annually. [1] Now this study was from 2010, but with all of the activity that we see, I'd dare to assume that this is a pretty accurate number for today as well.

The Annual Quilter's Shopping Trends Survey seeks to help understand the activities of shoppers as they complete quilting purchases online. Our industry isn't like other industries that participate in e-commerce. There are different obsticles based on products we sell, activities we participate in and different expectations that we have as creative people looking for wares to support our fabric habit. Truly, quilters are a very unique bunch.

The study has been conducted for several years now, and with each year new data is collected, analysed and used to help create a better shopping experience online for our customers that we market to every day. 

Did you know that nearly 60% of quilters surveyed in 2012 said that over 70% of their online shopping was for fabric? [2] This kind of data is very valuable to those considering expanding their online stores and marketing their products. Knowing what quilters are interested in, what they like to shop for and how they choose their online stores helps them feel confident in their marketing plans. 

The 2014 Annual Shopping Trends Survey is now open until July 15, 2014. Take a few minutes to take the survey here: This page also has a list of our sponsors and prizes you could win for participating. 

Happy Marketing!

Audri Wadsworth


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None Shall Pass! Keeping Your Email Safe

Published on June 12th, 2014

Many people underestimate the power of email. Having an email account is absolutely necessary for anyone that uses technology, but did you know you can be using your e-mail incorrectly? 

You Shall Not Pass!

The most important first: Passwords. Your password is the key to entering the house of email that you are gathering. If your password is not secure, your email is not only vulnerable to being hacked, but it can also be used to send spam. 

You Shall Not Pass - Make a secure password.

Your Password doesn't have to be terribly complicated, but it should NEVER be the word "password"! It should also never contain any part of your e-mail address, your name or any other information that would be easily guessed. 

To make a secure password, keep in mind that it should be more than 8 characters long, include a number or punctuation. It's also a good idea to change your password every once in a while. It could even be a silly sentence with spaces and punctuation so that it's easy to remember. Try to not use any one word that can be found in a dictionary.

What Else is At Risk?

Email hackers are pretty common. When they breach the security of your Emails, they can gain not only your personal information, but anyone who has sent you a message. For this reason, it is one account that deserves some extra thought and protection. If you haven't changed your password in a while, perhaps it's time to think up a new one and make sure your account is protected.  

Is it Really That Big of A Deal?

Yes! Another piece to consider with Email security is that if a hacker does gain access to your account and use it to send SPAM, your account can be shut down or blacklisted (meaning that your account is blocked from popular email servers and will not send or be received). This can not only affect your email account, but it can also affect ANY email account hosted by your email server. This is a very serious problem and it could all be prevented with a secure password.

If you find strange emails in your "sent" folder that you did not send, or if you get an email saying that your account has been blocked, be sure to contact your email host to correct your account and get you back up and running. If your email is tied to your website domain, be sure to contact whomever helps you with your website and they should be able to assist you.

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Online Marketing for 2014: Trends & Techniques

Published on May 16th, 2014

Presented by Daniel Purcell

Download a copy of this presentation (PDF) 

Technology is constantly evolving and changing. With online marketing, there is a deluge of information and the rules are being changed all the time. In this presentation we'll explore some of the most current information for marketing your business online in 2014 and provide you with key information to stay relevant. 

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Synchronizing Your Inventory; POS, Website and Beyond!

Published on May 16th, 2014

Presented by Jamie Lords & Anthony Haun

Download a copy of this presentation (PDF) 

Busy business owners don't need more complications. We've prepared this Schoolhouse presentation to outline how an online Point of Sale (POS) system can be integrated with your website to streamline processes. As business owners, there are various channels that we work through to get our brand known, products sold and people coming back for more. 

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To Market, To Market -- See you in Pittsburgh!

Published on May 13th, 2014

The quilting world is packing their bags this week to travel to Pittsburgh, PA for Spring Quilt Market 2014. We are very excited to be in attendance this year. We'll be offering great education moments in our booth, demonstrations of our latest and greatest applications as well as a couple of Schoolhouse Sessions. We hope to see you all there!

  • Quilt Market Schoolhouse Sessions
    Schoolhouse will be held at Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh May 15 beginning at 10am. We will be presenting two sessions:

    - 2:30pm in Room 324 "Synchronizing your inventory: POS, Website and Beyond"

    Daniel Purcell We’ll discuss crucial marketing elements to keep your business fresh, relevant and ahead of the competition. By utilizing modern online marketing techniques, we’ll identify current ways for your business to attract customers

    - 3:00pm in Room 324 "Online Marketing for 2014: Trends & Techniques"

    Jamie Lords Running an online business can be a scary and time consuming venture... unless you have a systems that make manage products and inventory levels a snap. Come away with new ideas on how you can be confident with e-commerce.
  • Quilt Market Booth
    We'll be exhibiting at booth #1712 at Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. This year Daniel Purcell, Jamie Lords, Jessica Walton and Anthony Haun will be attending. We love to meet new friends at Market, so stop by our booth and say hello!


    See you at Market! 

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