Websites For Quilters Book (2nd Edition)

A Practical Guide To Improving Your Quilting Business Through The Internet

Websites For Quilters Front Cover"Thank you, Daniel, for your excellent book, Websites for Quilters.  I've already recouped the cost of the book and more.  Your suggestion of a company who registers names enabled me to negotiate a much-discounted rate with my current registrar.  I also followed your suggestion of the best day of the week to send email newsletter -- within five minutes of sending the email, I had several orders!  I can't wait to try some of the other useful and easy-to-implement ideas that you have included in the book.

- Annie Unrein,"
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Websites For Quilters is an informative how-to guide to website success for professional longarm quilters, quilt stores, pattern designers, and manufacturers in the quilting industry.  With over 200 tips, this book will help a beginner and professional  plan and execute a successful online business strategy.

In this book learn:

* Website design principles that attract visitors
* How to prepare great content, photos, and text
* E-commerce success
* How to use blogs effectively
* How to advertise and promote your website
* Tips to increasing online sales
* How to write effective newsletters
* ...and much more

Written by a web design expert with over four years in the quilting industry, this book includes case studies from successful online quilting businesses and dozens of links to key websites that you must know to succeed with your website.

By Dan Purcell. 174 pages.  Available in print as well as in E-book (PDF) format. 

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