Education Services

Education - The Secret To Online Success

We believe very strongly in educating our clients in the latest technologies, quilting industry trends, successful online business models, and other issues that affect their online business. 

We encourage all of our team members to their own online business.  You can trust a web developer who has put him or herself in your shoes. 

Most of our clients are business owners or leaders of an organization as well.  Our team learns a lot from them.  The accumulated experienced we have gained from hundreds of successful business owners in the quilting industry has made the information we share very valuable.

We share this information in a variety of ways:

  1. Our Blog.  Members of our team blog regularly about a variety of topics.  Our blog posts range from tips and tricks to industry news to answers to frequently asked questions.

  2. Our Monthly Newsletter.  Each monthly educational newsletter focuses on an aspect of running your business online.  Through the newsletter we offers tips on how to make the most out of your website investment.
  3. Monthly Webinars.  Online seminars, or teleclasses (also known as Webinars) are educational and workshop-oriented.  We invite as many as possible to attend the webinars.  The webinars provide an excellent opportunity to ask web development experts questions and learn a new skill to help your business grow.
  4. Websites For Quilters Book.  Dan Purcell has authored a book about how to succeed with your online business, with specific focus on the Quilting Industry.
Feel free to contact us to ask a question as well!