What others are saying
about Websites For Quilters:

Websites for Quilters has been a very positive experience for FWFS in all areas!   We love the ease of working with the Dash POS system, and we can’t say enough about the fantastic customer service:  always available and always ready to help!  We also appreciate all the custom work that WFQ has done for us.  We love upgrading our system and adding new features – WFQ is knowledgeable and capable of completing any upgrade.  A positive, upbeat, and on-trend company to work with!   We consider WFQ to be a part of our FWFS team!
Jodie, Fort Worth Fabric Studio
I get compliments on our website all the time.  Many local quilters choose us to do their quilting because they have been impressed by the quality and ease of use on our website. And I cannot say enough good things about how wonderful the staff and designers are to work with. We even had them design and print our business cards so our business has a consistent look.

Cheryl Robinson, Silver Needle Stitching, LLC
For quite a while we dragged our feet on getting a new website design.  When we came across Websites For Quilters we contacted them about a new website.  I am so glad we did!  They made the entire process so easy.  I wish we'd found them sooner.  Their customer service has been great!  They have been very attentive when we have needed additional help or changes. Thanks Websites For Quilters!

Lyndee Lee, Kids Can Sew

We are absolutely thrilled with both the service and final product we received. We were paired with a great designer and everyone on the team worked quickly and efficiently answering all our questions throughout the entire process. Thank you so much for making our website vision a reality!


Monique Munoz, Sprightly Fabrics

Websites For Quilters did an excellent job of meeting our vision for the look and style we wanted in a web site. Your customer service is fantastic and I continue to appreciate your prompt professionalism even as I make additional changes to our web site.


David Werther, Quilter's Connection

In one word.  AWESOME!

I tried building my own website and ran into so many problems that I finally approached the “professionals”.  From the initial inquiry, the project was so smooth and streamlined; you could tell you guys have a professional team.  I was impressed by the “hand held” adventure you gave me. It was nice to have someone help me out – especially when I didn’t quit know what I wanted.  Even the fact that I am a small business, your team helped me out in a plan that I could afford and even the fact that when I become more successful, I can add additional features to make my life easier.  Thank you for a superb staff.


Andrea Schnur, Quilt Sensations

I have been using Websites for Quilters for several years. Everyone I have ever dealt with has been professional and eager to help. I have done much of my design over the years myself but have recently had them refresh my site. I am in the process of re-designing my website they did an amazing job getting me a design that is going to be very visually appealing and user friendly. I would definitely recommend their services!


Carol Bledsoe, Sew EZ Quilting, Inc.

Just wanted to say that I think Websites for Quilters is extremely easy to work with and that anytime I need help with anything, it gets resolved as fast as possible.


Zach Williams, Fabric 'N Notions

I cannot recommend Websites for Quilters more highly!  I was a little nervous about learning to work with a new website, but the tutorials and advice were amazingly helpful.  They answered each question clearly and didn’t mind explaining again when I didn’t quite get it.  I didn’t want to bother them, but when I just couldn’t figure out this one little thing, I picked up the phone.  They answered on the second ring…no automated voice, no holding!  They graciously solved my problem and reiterated the offer to help anytime.  Oh, and I love the website!  It looks fantastic and is very user friendly while at the same time allowing a great deal of latitude for creativity.


Pam Fox, Quilts For Kids

Working with the wonderful people at Websites for Quilters has been an experience that far exceeded my expectations. Being a complete novice at website building, I have had many questions and every time I call for help I get immediate assistance - as if they had just been sitting there waiting for me to call. Wonderful group of people and easy to use website Dash - a dashboard that makes logical sense and a good value for the investment. 


Angela Mueller, Sisters' Common Thread
It's been wonderful working with the team at Websites For Quilters! I haven't ever had this kind of personal attention with a previous web design firm. These guys know so much and are so creative! They thought of things I'd never dreamed of and then created them for our web site.
They've been accessible, polite and creative. I found the team to be incredibly professional and easy to reach. I HIGHLY recommend this web developer....they really are the Best! You won't regret it. 
Linda Arye, Quilts For Kids

First of all, the Dash Admin page has a logical, graphical layout that makes it easy to find the task you want to do. Once you click on the icon for that task or part of the site the rest of the navigation to the exact task you seek is very straightforward and precise. Wordpress seemed to me to be more menu-driven and text based, with some tasks buried 3 or 4 mouse-clicks deep withing the mostly-text interface. 

I also found that if I made one small change in a page in Wordpress, it would often change the formatting and positioning of unrelated elements on that page and I would have to constantly re-edit the same things over and over. With Dash, once I made a change and saved it, I never had a problem with that same element changing during future unrelated edits.

One of the real hassles in Wordpress is getting daughter pages set up under the parent page and maintaining that hierarchy. Dash makes that really simple and intuitive.

Having used both I can say that anyone who has used Wordpress will understand (and
appreciate!) Dash in just a few minutes. It would be far more frustrating and troublesome to go the other way around and try to learn Wordpress after using the Dash system.

The bottom line is that having used both I can say without a doubt that the Dash system is faster, more efficient, has more options, and results in a better web page layout. I would never go back to Wordpress. That said, I hope one day I can convert my Wordpress site for my rep business and have you host my other business as well.

Again, thanks for all your help. We are looking forward to going live with the site this week!


David Werther, Quilters Connection

I am very happy so far. The designer sent me a mock up of the website and I looked at it all day, as did my husband and daughter. We couldn't find anything that we would change. I sent her as much material regarding my logo that I could and she really listened to my preferences and nailed it the first go. 

So far, one happy happy customer. 


Kathy Vanbeers, The Stitcher's Cupboard

I have been blown away by how helpful and approachable all the staff at Websites For Quilters have been.  Despite living on the other side of the world we were able to communicate regularly through email, Skype and phone and not once did I feel like my questions were silly (even though they probably were given my very limited knowledge about all things computers). 

When it came to the design of both websites I had a basic idea sketched out but no idea how to make them become reality in a website.  I was given specialized, personal attention throughout the design process and not once did I feel like my list of changes were too much work or that I was too much trouble (which was the case throughout the whole entire process).  When the designs were finished I was over the moon with the final results they are far better that I could have imagined and truly are the best possible fit to my image. 

Websites For Quilters has been very accommodating including even the smallest details.  I also love the option I have to add additional images to showcase the products and the ability to link related products so customers can see more of our stock all on the one page.  The best thing about the website Fabric2Go, aside from it being so incredibly user friendly, is that the more time I spend working on it the more features I discover that have been automatically added into the fantastic website design. I love the interactive design wall that allows customers to view the items they select next to each other by dragging them around to decide if their choices are correct, or if they want to remove or add more items.


http://www.fabric2go.com.au/ target="blank">

Clare Horsman, Fabrics2Go and Clares Place

Website for Quilters IS the BEST! I was frustrated with never being able to speak with a PERSON at my old web host, and knowing I needed a more 'clean', modern look to my website, I began shopping about a year ago.  I spent a lot of time with two firms - going back and back again with more questions, and learning from both - then asking enlightened questions of the other.  When it came down to it, Websites for Quilters always 'already had in place' so much of what the other firm kept saying 'was coming'.  In addition, the understanding and lack of sales pressure from Websites for Quilters really won the day.  I have jumped into something too quickly before, and resisted the pressure to jump - even though the 'market offer was only good at market' with the other firm.  

Not only did Websites for Quilters NOT pressure me to make the decision, they  extended the offer until I was ready to really make the decision - at a time at the end of the year when I knew I WOULD have time to do my end of the work.  

The efficiency and care and concern with which EACH and EVERY staff member has addressed each of my needs and questions has made this huge project really actually FUN!  While there are also great tutorials on their site, their phone number is in the upper right hand corner, and absolutely EVERY time I call, I have had a happy person who I could tell was SMILING, eager to help me - with WHATEVER I needed. I can hardly remember a time when I did not get either an email or a personal phone call with an answer to my questions.    


Londa Rohlfing, Londa's Creative Threads

It was very refreshing to work with a company that really listened to what I wanted to accomplish with my website and they made it their mission to exceed my expectations. After some minor tweaking, my new website performed flawlessly during the very busy Christmas season. A website should never be static and I am already looking forward to working with your team on making the website work even better as the year progresses.


Mark Fitzgerald, Classic Metal Company
Its cool to work with a web developer that just gets it. To think back to what we used to have on the website and what they have now is a quantum leap ahead.
M. D.
I'm VERY happy with the website! I’ve been keeping it updated (adding new patterns and even adding a new category called "Other"). The excellent job you did in setting it up has made it easy for me to maintain the site and I truly appreciate that!
G. M.
My wife and I met you at Market and signed up to use you as our web site builder. I was concerned that I was going to be the one "building" it myself. However, the folks in your office were nothing but the absolute BEST to work with. Every question I had,(and I had many) they were eager to assist. The professionalism displayed by your folks is phenomenal. Nolan, Christi, and Nikki are the BEST.
T. D.
I have had such an easy time taking care of my website, thanks to you and the great people who work with you. Thanks to all!
But the best part of Websites for Quilters is this... I'm not computer savvy, yet they can take a complex issue and explain it in the simplest terms for me to understand. They were recommended to me over lunch at Quilt Market by Alex Anderson. I jumped ship from my previous web host and never looked back! They keep growing and adding new features I never imagined possible. I highly recommend his service!
L. N.
I want to let you know how thrilled I am with my new website.  You already know this but Nikki is wonderful!  She listened to my ideas and actually put them into a functioning website that is 10 times better than what we came to you with!  I have had numerous comments on the beauty of it as well as how functional it is.  It is everything I was hoping for and within my budget as well which was fantastic!  I am just so happy we decided to go with your company!  I've already told Nikki how pleased I am but I wanted you to know that she did such an amazing job!
K. U.
The newsletter was wonderful.  Every concern/question we might have about the online consumer is answered. It will make me take a hard look at my site and see what might need to be changed.  By the way, I thought last month's newsletter was very informative and useful also.  Please keep this going. It is just one of the reasons I recommend Websites For Quilters to others.
D. H.
Thank you so very much for the wonderful service. I am so happy I switched to you!!!
E. L.
You have been exceptional to work with!  Thanks for always being so prompt, positive, and helpful!
T. E.
We appreciated the time that you and Mason took with us. It’s nice to see great customer service provided from companies like yours AFTER they become your customers. You will go far with that type of service.
U. X.
Working with Websites For Quilters has been a very positive experience. Dan Purcell is definitely customer-oriented. Any issues we had with the change were addressed immediately and efficiently. This allowed me and my staff to do what we do best – run the company! I would highly recommend Websites For Quilters to any business wanting a fresh, user-friendly website.
W. B.
It had been recommended that I look into Websites For Quilters, and I am so glad I did.  Dan Purcell of Websites For Quilters took charge of transferring my web site and has offered the most professional service I could have ever imagined with the utmost patience.  If anyone is looking for a top-notch web host company, I highly recommend e-mailing  Dan at dan@danemco.net.  Dan and his staff have been on top of every little detail, working out the bugs caused by the transfer, expertly and efficiently with friendly service and attention to making this transition successful.
E. L.
It is nice to know that when I get stuck and make a call to your people for help that they always make me feel it is okay to ask for help and they have always been able to get me out of my pickle.
T. I.
Thanks for all you do to make it so easy to maintain this website on my own. I love being able to create a product that had my personal signature in each of the pages and can be easily identified with me. I get lots of wonderful feedback from customers and readers as to how great it looks. I even picked up a quilting client because of how professional and well-done my website was in comparison to others she viewed.
L. P.
Thanks so much for all your help.  It is a pleasure working with you - and our website looks great - and functions easily.  Just what we were hoping for.
D. Z.
Thank you so much for the website, the price was more than fair. I am completely happy with its turn out.
N. B.
I wanted to make sure that I shared with you my extreme satisfaction, so far, with the quality and level of service that I have received from your company in developing our web site.  From the first person who returned my initial call, the service and competency level has been superb.
L. C.
My partner and I are very happy with the transition to the Dashboard for my website. I deleted most of the old photos last night, and add new photos that I took yesterday afternoon. We were amazed that it was so easy. . . we're both very pleased with the results. Thanks again for all of your work with us to upgrade! So worth the money and time!
X. B.
I also want to say how pleased I've been with the service your company provides.  Your people are very helpful to somebody like me with little technological experience, and that Dash system is terrific.
Q. C.
I am very grateful for all the hard work you and your staff put in to make these changes and additions to my website. You continue to impress me! I pass on your information to everyone I meet who is looking for a new webmaster.
U. B.
I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you and your staff. You were very prompt and very thorough. You built me a website that I could not have possibly done.
K. L.
There is never a time that I ask for something and don't get a response or have to wait for the changes more than a few hours to a day. That's service! And, as you know, service is what's really important when deciding on where to spend your money.
T. I.
You are wonderful to work with. You always manage to amaze me with how fast you are able to accomplish what I need. Thanks!
Q. S.
Thank you, thank you. I've been waiting three years to get this up and running in one way or another and you did it in just a couple days. You're wonderful!
D. C.
Complaints? None, other than I shouldn't have waited 2 years to make the change. If you decide to move forward with them you wont' be sorry.
T. I.
They are more expensive, but for me the money is well spent. I have a more professional look with as frequent updating as I need. They also provide me with statistics that I couldn't begin to hope for before.
T. I.
I have been extremely happy with Websites For Quilters services for website development... I need lots of ongoing maintenance. Websites For Quilters does all this plus more.
T. I.
You are wonderful. Thank you for all you have done for me. I am so happy!
D. C.
I'm just so pleased with Websites For Quilters. They are wonderful! They understand what I want and what I need. They are so good! It's like night and day compared to before.
T. I.
You seem to truly understand what I need and are very quick to deliver it!
T. I.
Websites For Quilters has taken a lot of frustration and worry off of my pallet at such a reasonable price.
B. C.
Knowing that I only need to explain my needs once and they will be taken care of allows me to cross those projects off my long list and be able to move on to other things.
B. C.
When running your own business there are always multiple things that need your attention and time. It is such a blessing to be able to assign some of those projects to a company that I can trust.
B. C.
Your dashboard access and store update features are soooooooo easy to use. I am so pleased.
N. G.
Websites For Quilters saves me both time and money with prompt and friendly service.
B. C.
For professional quality web design and hosting, Websites For Quilters is the best. They provide professional web design to fit your business needs. Their friendly helpful staff are wonderful to work with.